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Synchronisation/ Parallel Operation/ Load Sharing

As part of providing solutions to uneven power demand, Colt power has the capacity to design a series of 2 or more generators working together depending on the load available. When the load is greater than the generator power generated, several generators will work together as a single generator to meet the load demand. the system is called Synchronized or parallel Operation to the load. The advantages of Synchronisation include; Low operation cost, low initial setup cost, Longer system life and flexibility.

Hybrid System

In a bid to conserve our environment, Colt power Solution designs, supplies and installs Hybrid Power Systems. The system consists of PV panels, Batteries, inverters and Diesel generators. The system ensures Uninterruption, economic and environmentally friendly energy.

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Load Analysis

Colt Power solutions will help you analyse your power usage over a certain period say 5 Days. Data is collected using special load analyser. The data is then processed through special software to give an accurate power generator size.

Site surveys and Design

We provide site assessment, professional advice on equipment sizing and selection and operator training all free of charge. We also undertake generator delivery, installation and commissioning at very competitive rates.

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